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"To overcome evil with good is good, to resist evil by evil is evil."

Prophet Mohammed

Gee, is the prophet, peace be to his name, talking about the likes of Abu Ghraib?
mariamaria>>>i know very little about the prophet but i believe those twisted souls who all pretend to be muslim when patently aren't should take heed.
Their conception of God is perhaps a bit under-evolved. How to turn to the weapons of peace from the very easy and seductive road of violence is the question.
cj you are right up there with {I} in my book of useful influences. :)
to overcome or to resist...perhaps that's really the question. to fight or run...hmm...
The so called care-takers of Islam have misinterpreted it.
what about to overcome evil with evil?
Like water boarding. That is evil. I think it's possible to overcome evil without commiting evil acts. I think evil acts are frequently commited by cowards.
I agree with squarehead, cowardice is at the root of it. Why do we run to God? Fear perhaps? Just maybe we can get him to save our soul and the rest of the heathens, unbelievers, yada yada can eat cake.
annonant>>>i think most muslims, and by that i mean 90% of them are damn fine, god loving, law abiding people who love god and peace equally and who are able to live and let live.
there then is an element of islam, as there is an element of christianity (the IRA and UDA spring to mind) who hold violence and destruction in place of their concept of god.
i think we need tolerance on all sides and we need the good souls of islam to oust the bad.
the west hasn't helped by invading iraq.
shadowlor>>>maybe neither. maybe time for action through in action.
Cocaine Jesus, I agree. I spent a lot of time with Saudi troops in the field back in 1991. Most Muslims are very decent people. You mentioned the IRA and the UDA. What about the Klan here in the States? It's all the same thing. Sick and twisted people who manipulate believers for what ultimately is political gain. It's always about politics. Sometimes I think John Lennon really did have the right idea.
It is a bit depressing sometimes as I study history and culture there is so much mindless violence in it. Some time in history while scrambling around in the dirt with the other beasts we decided that violence is athe best tool for civilized people to use. We must resurect Ghandi quick!
Love is the only weapon with which we should fight. We should wage all out peace on the world with no consideration at all for anyone. :)

peace all
"Love is the only weapon with which we should fight. We should wage all out peace on the world with no consideration at all for anyone. :)"

Amen Brother/Sister!

The problem with this concept is: It's too simple and means everyone can get along/share. Should work, but there's always those who want others to do their bidding for them ; (
Perhaps we socialize violence and comptition a little too much.
Then we must be ruthless and beat them senseless with good food, music, and beauty until their esolve to be angry disipates like fog on a hot sunny day.
Much of their anger is misguided love that has been subverted by ignorance.
One man's evil is another man's good.
One man's indifference is another man's holy.

Who is this Prophet Mohammed to decide which man is right?
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