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There was always SOMETHING out there in the deep, mysterious void. IT was ONE. IT was simple when ignored and complex when observed. IT was incomprehensible and without definition. And in its complexity IT was neither “being” nor “non-being;” neither male nor female. IT was without form, and without need of sustenance of any kind. IT knew neither time nor space and yet IT birthed all “being” as yin and all “non-being” as yang. IT was TAO… the Way of Things… the eternal source and sustainer of all things.
…And then there was time and sequence of events, and yin and yang gave birth to the illusion of all division and “being.”
When men began to divide things by naming them, many named IT “God” and gave IT cultural names.
And thus it came to be that…
There are as many names for God as there are tongues to speak them.
There are as many faces of God as there are eyes to behold them.
There are as many paths to God as there are feet to walk them.
No name is the complete name.
No face is the complete face.
No path is the complete path.

Very interesting observation.
Sometimes I like to think about each little step I take inmy little chaotic trip to the top of that mountain.
"No path is the complete path".

Yet so many people think their path is the complete path.

I really like this. Been thinking about it for a couple of days now. I read something by a guy named Joseph Campbell once, I think this is what he was talking about. You just put it in simpler terms. Thanks for this.
this gives me hope. "no path is the complete path." i love that...

ryn: no, there is no escape. the dreams, the nightmares, and the small time between them spent as the living dead.
So simple it's a wonder it's so mind boggling to so many.
Although, with politics here in the US using religion as a manipulational tool, it's no wonder so many may be confused ; (
How you potrayed IT ...it brough so much worth of (it) ...I never thought of it that way ...Thank u for enlighting me
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